How to Get Accident Claim Advice in UK

How to Get Accident Claim Advice in UK

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An accident is an unintentional incident, that is usually undesirable,un-planned and its effects vary from small personal pains to extreme cases where lives could be lost. A point about accidents is that 99% of the accidents could be prevented had circumstances leading to it, had been recognized, and worked on, prior to them happening. In The U.K, accidents i are high compared to the rest of fellow EU countries.

This is according to the independent newspaper that majority of people have been in accidents that weren’t their fault. It might be that public bus that made you bump your head against the seat, or at work or on the road, or just anywhere else. The law provides compensation for this type of incidents especially if you experienced bodily harm, or your asset was damaged, or to some extreme cases, you are no longer able to work.

Unfortunately majority of British citizens have no idea of when to claim and how to do it. This lack of knowledge actually put off people to get in contact with injury lawyers, to discuss the incidents at length.

Under what circumstances, are we supposed to make a claim? How should one do it? Is this process expensive? How long before I get the compensation? Am I entitled to professional help? All this are questions that ring in our head, when someone mentions compensation that we may entitle to.

In the U.K at the moment, the four most claimed accidents are:

While these are just a tip of the icebergs of accidents that can be claimed, they represent 70%of the total claims that are filled.

Average Accident Claim Compensation Amounts

When it comes to how much you can claim, as compensation, it differs from completely from case to case. Some people have claimed more than 60,000 pounds and won, while others have been awarded a mere 1000 Euros. Depending on the type of Accident Claim, where it affected you (the 60,000 pounds case involved an imputed hand), who caused it and his ability to pay the said amount.

The best advice I usually am asking a personal injury solicitor, who after assessing your case, might give you an estimate. Majority don ’usually don’t charge for any evaluations. Similarly, with the dawn of modern apps and sites on the internet, there exist quick online calculators that offer free evaluations in less than 10 minutes. You just only need to input the nature of injury, place of incident and explain a bit on the situation leading to it

Accident At Work Claim

Your place of work is your most important place, second only to your home. You spend most time at your workplace than at your own house, therefore your employee has an obligation to take care of your well-being while at his place. They should do this, by training you on safety and also provide the right tools for you.

Get Accident Claim

Realistically there are some places which see accidents more frequently than others.

Factories, constructions sites report more incidents than offices and hotels. This though doesn’t mean that they are places that are 100% accident free.

Immediately an accident happens at your place of work, it should be documented at the accident Book. it is also your duty to inform your employee of it, before taking any prior legal actions. If your injuries were as a result of your employee’s carelessness and negligence, then you could file for a personal injury claim.

You should also note that your employer cannot terminate your employment because of this. If your still unsure, worried, of what to do, a personal injury solicitor should be your first stop, and he can take over your case on your behalf.

Road Accident Claims

By far this are the most recorded type of in the country. These because nowadays, the roads are congested and more dangerous than ever. No matter how much of an experienced driver you are, or how far technologically your car is, there will always be that one person who will none of the above, and potentially change the mood of your car.

By law, all drivers are required to have some form of insurance cover, which can be full comprehensive, cover a third party in the car and also cover for a third party fire. This type of covers, gives some forms of protection in case you get involved in a crash, and it’s or not the drivers fault.

Claims are can also made if you get prosecuted by the police due to the drivers negligence, damages to your car, or any injury or subsequently pain that you may be suffering from. It also doesn’t matter if the driver had insufficient insurance cover or none at all. You are still entitled to a road traffic a Accident Claim compensation.

Medical Negligence Cover

The U.K has arguably the best health system in the world, with one of the most qualified health professionals in the field. The standards are also high with the ability to perform complex procedures in any health facility.

However it’s not always merry in the industry, as they are sometimes when thing go wrong. Last year alone there were more than 15 cases alone, when procedures went haywire and resulted to permanent, devastating  injuries to victims or even loss of life.

Get Claim for Medical Negligence

Medical staff is obliged by law, to ensure your safety during your stay at their facilities. If this were to happen to either you or any of the family member, then you are legible to apply, on their behalf a claim for compensation.

Slip or Trip Accident Claim

They not only damage your pride but can also cause extreme injuries to your body. They represent a huge percentage of the number of accidents that occur. Immediately we are out of our door, every day we are faced by a number of hazards on our way to the destination.

it might be that uneven pavement, or that slippery wet floor in the mall or even that faulty lift on our way to the all these cases, tripping or more harm could happen to us at a moment’s notice. If this happens then we need to re-consider who might be liable for any injuries that you may sustain.

Trips, slips, and falls can cause serious severe injuries, immediately this happens, you need to at least get in contact with the person responsible for that area. If they do not take any responsibility at all, then you are entitled to a claim for s their duty to ensure that they take all the necessary measures to protect the public from any harm. If the area is under the city councils jurisdiction, such as a pothole on the roads, uneven pavements,etc.then you can lodge a claim against your local council, who are usually in charge of maintaining such public amenities.

Though lots of claims are lodged every day, few get the compensation they wanted, and this is because of one of the rules that guide compensations. If you yourself are responsible for causing the harm to yourself, such as missing the “wet floor “sign,  then you are less likely to lodge a successful accident claim.

Cost Related to Personal Injury Claims

if you are under pain, or hurt the last thing you may want to think of costs associated with your personal injury claim. Most solicitors companies do not charge any upfront or un expected fees, so you should still be able to lodge a complaint.

You will need though to agree on some future payments plans, especially for the personal injury lawyers. Most companies will tend to charge more only when you win your case, and these costs will majorly cover the legal aspects of your case.

Most personal injury lawyers will charge for the following:

  • Cost associated with an accident report
  • Cost associated with lodging a court case
  • Travelling expense to the scenes and any other place regarding your case
  • Cost of obtaining medical reports from your injuries

While this is some of the standard areas of cost, different cases will be charged depending on the complexity of them. You can expect some basic fees to your case either way.

If you are successful in your case, then most of this cost will be settled down by the losing side, together with a success fee that lawyers usually charge.

Personal injury claims shouldn’t be complex, especially if you have a solicitor advising you, on the steps to take. This should give you an edge over your case, how you put it and the manner in which you make your claim. No matter how solid or straightforward your case may seem to be, you require a personal injury solicitor at the very least, at your beck and call.


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