Slip, Trip or Fall Claims in Scotland

Slip, Trip or Fall Claims in Scotland

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Falls are quite a commonplace occurrence. People have a fall they get up and go about their daily lives without giving much thought to the fall. But, on occasions the fall may be serious.

It may require medical care and even hospitalization. As we all know medical care these days can be very expensive and beyond the reach of many people.

This is precisely where Injury Claims Network steps in. With a vast network of personal injury solicitors, it helps people have access to the compensation that is rightfully theirs. We are a leading accident claim firm in the UK that help people to get back to normal life after a medical issue.

Types of Claims

Claims can be for road traffic accidents, accident at the workplace and even medical negligence. We even help people with slip, trip or fall claims.

Let us see how slips, trips or falls can happen due to negligence and how it becomes possible to claim compensation.

Slip Claims in Scotland

One of the most common ways in which people slip is by walking across a wet floor that has been recently mopped or polished. Normally a warning sign is put out but if that is missing, people may walk and fall.

The injury can even be as serious as a fracture or a sprain or even a concussion. Similar warning signs need to put wherever there is leaky roof otherwise that too can lead to people slipping.

Trips Claims

Trips are normally caused by unforeseen and unexpected obstructions laced in the way.

This could be the curled up or torn end of a carpet in a hotel lobby or a box left in a shop or a trailing cable in an office.

Falls Claims

Falls can happen due to the factors responsible for trips and falls and also because of a faulty ladder or broken and uneven steps or even an unsafe balcony.

Certain jobs like roofers, maintenance operatives have more risk of a fall associated with them. Outdoor work settings are more prone to such kind of accidents.

Once it is known that the injury caused due to a slip, trip or a fall was because of the negligence of someone else or the fault of someone else, we can help with slip, trip or fall claims.

Our expert team of solicitors will be there to guide you so that you are ably compensated and are able to get the slip, trip or fall claims that you are rightfully entitled to.

Our “No Win No Fee” service assures that a fee will be charged only if you get your claim.

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